About Us

In an initiative to enhance the quality education in Morena and adjoining areas of the city, GD Goenka has come all the way to offer the globally acknowledged curriculum along with the highly equipped modern facilities. It aims at pioneering work in providing education to all sections of society. We work to deliver the best to our students and staff. We wish to stand out in the field of education by inculcating smartness and vision in our students.

The school rises above the confines of conventional teaching. With an activity based curriculum, the institution initiates character development and the highly qualified faculty ensures academic excellence. In its vision, all Goenkans are motivated and inspired to be qualified and confident individuals. A sense of responsibility guides all students to contribute to the welfare of society.

It is the endeavor of the school to be student centered in its approach, provide a balanced curriculum that result in the development of the overall personality of the students and to help them in becoming thought leaders of tomorrow.

As the torchbearers of knowledge and growth, we leave no stone unturned in providing an extraordinary learning experience to our students.


Education is a lifelong journey and GDGPS realizes the importance of a good start. It is here that the foundation of the love for learning is laid and strengthened. At the Pre-Primary level, the School encourages the students to imbibe the basics and explore the world. Children are encouraged to question, analyze, discuss and communicate their perceptions. GDGPS promotes education through play-way methods and concepts are taught via origami, clay modeling, sand play and painting.

A suitably designed child- centric curriculum, based on phonetics, provides the children a strong base for spelling and vocabulary. The entire course establishes and strengthens vital skills like motor and reading skills, language and communication skills, writing and number concepts. Bridging the gap between the nurturing environment at of home and the disciplined demands of formal education, is the primary goal of the School. Our teachers enrich the curriculum through music, art, library and computer programs. The students also learn about the significance of festivals and are encouraged to imbibe Indian values in their lives.

Junior School

At G.D. Goenka Public School, Morena the curriculum is structured in a manner that keeps your child in touch with the ever-changing world trends, right from the junior years to the senior level. We provide education with an objective to empower students to make decisions, to find creative solutions and plan effective action strategies.

For our tiny tots, we ensure that the learning is made interesting, fun and activity oriented. Participation of the students is encouraged through such activities as drawing and coloring, writing, group games, clay modeling, puzzles, flash cards and conversations. Poems and stories are dramatized using expressive actions. Focus is on developing communication skills and on reinforcing an innate sense of discovery in everything that is taught. Children learn to comprehend through a multi sensory approach as concepts in Number Work, English and E.V.S. are made clear with the use of multimedia using Smart Class. Nature walks and regular educational tours to the Zoos, Railway Museums and Game Parks develop a sense of openness towards the world at this level.

Middle School

A thematic approach is designed to stimulate the children through various inter-active sessions and activities. An extensive use of Smart Class and other technology aids to supplement classroom teaching. Project works in class calls for mass participation. An equal emphasis is laid on developing a strong sense of individuality.

Field trips and excursions make learning fun. Use of the newspaper articles, quizzes, crosswords and other learning tools enhance general awareness is a regular feature. Lots of activity based exposure is given to open doors towards experiential learning.

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